I Do This For My Culture……..

I am a writer. I write, therefore I am. I was born for this and it’s  time I act accordingly.

There is a certain kind of freedom that emerges when you have identified your call in life.  When you know your definite purpose and the reason you have been given a particular talent, there is to my mind an obligation to give it back to the world.  My writing on this blog, my poetry, and my fiction are all bound to this single purpose—to help others.  I started this blog a little over a year ago as an outlet for me to practice and refine my craft and as a platform for my creative and intellectual self-expression. However, my foundational purpose was to start a conversation around the politics of pop-culture and the culture of politics.   I’ve written about everything from Nicki Minaj to Antoine Dodson and let me tell you it has been fun, challenging, and inspirational.  Your comments and insights—particularly when you disagree with me—fuel my desire to charge forward with this “little blog that could”.

Admittedly, I’ve been a bit absent lately and I apologize to my faithful readers.  Please know that I am so humbled by your support and my plan is to grow and expand the blog over this year.  I have battled a bit of writer’s block lately.  Apparently, my muse was a bit exhausted but she has returned and once again the keyboard beckons.

This project has helped me grow in so many ways and this is only the start.  I’ve also been remiss in introducing myself to my readers, though we have been together for some time now.  So who am I? As you know, my pen name is Bohemian Comedian, primarily because people tell me I’m witty and I wish real life was Trader Joe’s (the food is good, the people are friendly, and good tunes are always playing).  I am many things but primarily I am a writer. I write, therefore I am.  I am a person inspired by the power of words and their boundless ability to effect positive change in the world.  Me in a nutshell:

Deborah’s Daughter, Annie’s Granddaughter,the Kabosh Blogger, Humorist, Urban Socialite, Fashionista, Shoe Whore,  Last Train to Paris Passenger, Shower Singer, Free Love Advocate, Virgo, Perfect Imperfection, Bravebird, Lady of AKA, Wordsmith, Black Swan, Aspiring Reality TV Star, diva, hustla, shower singer, shooting star, George Mason and Georgetown grad, and  generally awesome brown girl =)

Thanks in advance for your support, as I work to evolve the blog over the next year. Make sure you are following me on Twitter at @thekabosh and like our Facebook page.

New post once a week. My renewed promise to you.

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