Relunctantly Tweeting @thekabosh

Hello sports fans!!!  Okay so I’ve succumb to the social pressures of the web universe and I am going to try (gasps) Tweeting.  Tweeting to me is like everything that what was wrong with my high school experience made virtual and I am desperately self-conscience about the whole thing.  While I have my witty and insightful moments, I am not convinced my life is interesting enough to be announced like NFL play-by-play. Also, the whole following me has a sort of fish and loaves disciple connotation to me, and while I won’t make you fishers of men; I hope to provide you with some delicious food for thought.

I am told that Tweeting has numerous benefits, as one seeks to expand their social networks, body of knowledge, and real world connections.  So okay Twitter Nation here it goes….as I am forced to lay all my dignity on the line and resort to begging…..

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

Oh actually that was Julia Roberts in  Notting Hill, however….

If you like what you read on The Kabosh and you find it insightful, informative, and interesting; I mean hell even if you think what most of what I spew is inane dribble ….pretty puullleaaaase follow me on Twitter.  I am tweeting @thekabosh.  I hope to get some dialogues going with our readership to gather content ideas, hear different perspectives on blog topics, and form connections in cultural and literary universe.  Thanks for all the kind words, support, and insightful comments. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

The Kabosh is a place where we address the politics of culture and the culture of politics. Exploring the spectacle of celebrity in both arenas, it seeks to confront and critique dominant narratives and explore intersections of politics, race, gender, identity formation, and consumerism.



  1. Finally bitten by the Twitter Bird! Great way to connect and engage. See you there in Twitter Tworld!!!!

    Check out this post that I made when I faced “the new Twitterer” dilemma

    Love the Article!

    • Thanks for checking out the blog. Yes I’m definitely excited about the possibilities. Now that I know I don’t need thousands of followers; its a little less intimidating. Thanks for your wonderful talk to our class yesterday. 😉 I will definitely check out the resource you discuss above.

  2. I love reading The Kabosh; most insightful…
    Keep on writing….

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