Why is Jennifer Aniston Famous?

Okay folks….let’s do a little content analysis to answer a question that has plagued  me for some time now.  Why is Jennifer Aniston so darn famous?  I know the same question can be asked about any number of… say… reality TV stars, but the spectacle that is Jennifer Aniston continues to perplex me.  Perhaps this is because she is so universally loved and yet she leaves me completely uninspired.

Okay, it’s not lost on me that I may seem the bully, picking on one of America’s most beloved sweethearts.  However, I am convinced that there is a vast Hollywood conspiracy to keep this woman employed, despite the fact that her acting is generally vapid and without range.   I also find her voice a little grating and at times shrill. 

Every time I see Jennifer Aniston in a film, I never forget I am watching Jennifer Aniston—former wife of Brad Pit, tabloid princess, seemingly launched into superstardom based on her tragic love life—this combined with the fact that someone gave her a fly haircut back in the day.  I mean c’mon everyone liked “The Rachel”. 

If you surf over to IMDB, Aniston has no less than eight films in development and is working on at least few others.  Can this be credited to an incredible and laudable work ethic, luck, or just the alignment of the stars? I know she recently got naked on GQ.  Sex sells, so I am sure this move did not hurt as a resume padder. 

If you scroll down to her current credits, you will find a number of mediocre films, in which she played pretty much the same character.  Her character archetype is usually the cute, down on her luck, lovelorn girl.  In summary, she plays herself and for that matter her Friends character Rachel in a lot of her films.  Perhaps this is because so much of her material consists of romantic comedies, with  notable exceptions being  Derailed and Friends with Money, the latter of the two being some of her best work. 

Googling Jennifer Aniston as a search term goes far to revealing why she is so famous.  For instance, related searches for her name include: jennifer aniston movies, john mayer, jennifer aniston hair, and drum roll please…angelina jolie.  Okay, now we are getting somewhere.  We know that her films have something to do with her sky-high popularity.  I mean her acting isn’t for me, but taste are in fact personal.  However, I think these search terms suggests the rationale behind her fame can more so be attributed  to her storied personal life, sexual partners, romantic nemesis, and physical appearance.

Aniston’s Hollywood narrative is the good girl.  I mean she even starred in a film of that very name.  When Brad Pitt traded her in for dark, vampy, and  arguably sexually aggressive Angelina, I believe people embraced Aniston even more.  I think women in particular brought Aniston in to their homes and hearts. Like a  baby bird with a broken wing, they want to see her succeed; thus her wing is mended and her career soars, despite the personal fall.  Women like her; she is our friend after all and men want a woman like her, the sexy girl next door.

I find the Jennifer Aniston narrative to be kind of sweet, in a modern society where the bad girl—the bitch—is often rewarded, promoted, and imitated. I admit it is hard to critique the good girl and Aniston has been genius at cultivating this image.  She is just so darn nice; America wants her to win.  I am sure the Academy is busting at the seams to give her an Oscar.  She just needs the right role and she, like fellow sweetheart Sandra Bullock, will be a golden girl. 

If you google, Anti-Jennifer Aniston, you will not find the popular anti-celeb web postings, blog ravings, and other such pontificating.  Instead, you find that she has campaigned hard for anti-paparazzi legislation (I say not so fast they are helping you stay famous).   On the other hand, despite her globe-trotting humanitarianism and mothering of a rainbow tribe to rival Josephine Baker, Jolie widely disdained on the web.  There are anti-Angelina Jolie Yahoo! groups and there was even an anti-Angelina Jolie week.  An anti-Jennifer Aniston week would be downright un-American. 

Anyway, I digress.  I encourage you to go see Aniston’s new film The Bounty Hunter this week, if you must.  Aniston is in a rumored to be in a romantic relationship with co-star Gerard Butler (another non-story—story, in the life of Jennifer Aniston)

What can we conclude from our brief, unscientifc content analysis?  I suggest we learn that when it comes down to it Jennifer Aniston is really just like corn flakes.  They ain’t spectacular, kind of bland, but c’mon cornflakes aint nuffing wrong with dat.



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  1. There have been heaps of cruel comments about Jennifer Aniston doing the rounds on the web recently. I think she appears wonderful, particularly following losing a few kilos.

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